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Wingstop That Salad

Wingstop That Salad

Salads are an integral part any diet as I see it.  No better way to get your daily dose of “green”.  As the old school cliche goes, “Fruits clean the body, Vegetables feed the body!”.  Anyway, moving on, sometimes, eating salads daily, can get a little “boring” to day the least.  I wanted to write this post to share one of my best kept secrets on a way to spice up a salad.

It goes with making a traditional salad with all our favorite toppings but by adding a special kick of #boneless #chicken on top.  I usually frequent different Wings spots to get my fix.  One of my favorites is the legendary #Wingstop restaurant.  Enjoy and I’ll have another blog post coming up on my favorite way to make a salad.

Until then, #StayHungryMyFriends


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